Experiences at The Rajbari Bawali




Sandhya Aarti is a Hindu religious worship where light is offered to one or more deities, paired with songs sung in praise of the deity when light is offered. The spectacular sight of our everyday ritual is bound to leave an everlasting impression and raise the spiritual devotion towards the deities. The fusion of Sanskrit chants, smoke from incense, colourful ethnicity, and drumbeats provide a surrealistic devotional experience.


39. Night Prayer
28. Sundowner boat ride




Witness the mesmerising colours of the horizon as you sail through the waters of the Hooghly River. The bold splashes of colours in the sky, paired with contemporary rituals on the boat will leave you in a state of awe and wonder. 




The soul of India still lies in its beautiful villages. Come witness the serene lifestyle of the people with 'A Rustic Rural Walk' hosted by the Rajbari Bawali, Kolkata. The beauty lies in the simplicity of how people manage to live a happy life in their small huts or houses made of clay or mud. The gathering of women near the pond to do laundry, children jumping and playing around the streets, the elderly whiling away the time smoking a beedi, and the young ones working in the farm or small industries, is the epitome of a perfect life for the villagers.

23. Village Walk
Culinary demonstration




There is so much more to Indian cuisine than just ‘curry.’ Irrespective of the city you travel to, it is impossible to miss the variety of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and aromatic spices prevalent in that particular region. But there are so many different influences on the food of a particular region, from the invaders who ruled to the geography of the land, and West Bengal is no exception. Freshwater fishes, prawns, mustard, poppy seeds, and rice form the staple Bengali Cuisine. Learn how these have been influenced over time alongside one of our chefs at the Rajbari Bawali. Discover the secrets of the Indian Masalas tampered to perfection and Mishti Doi, a classic Bengali Dessert.




The Rajbari Bawali is set in a serene location amidst the villages, away from the hustle-bustle of the concrete jungle. We encourage our guests to explore the wonderful rural community, interact with village heads, spend hours on the banks of the Hooghly river, talk to the locals, and dance to the folk music of the villages of Bangla.

24. Village Walk
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Borrow one of our bicycles and head out on a 12km journey of exploration and adventure, cycle along the riverside and discover the local crafts and way of life. A riverside temple where people to take part in the puja, handmade brick and tile factories, a shack sheltering men as they stitch embroidery for saris, a chai shop where men gather before heading out for the night, to enjoy a game of cards and an essential kadak chai
A bicycle ride around the Rajbari with an option to end with a riverside picnic is a fascinating experience as you capture the essence of rural life throughout the ride.